“Life ashore is not so bad!”

Ashore now for two months, Dominique Wavre can reflect with some objectivity on his Vendée Globe, discuss the present and look to the future. Dominique, how is life back on … [+]

Dominique Wavre finishes seventh in the Vendée Globe

Swiss sailor Dominique Wavre crossed the Vendée Globe finish line this afternoon after 90 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes and 42 seconds at sea. He finished seventh out of the … [+]

A rough and tricky finale to Dominique Wavre’s Vendée Globe

Dominique may have been hoping for a relaxed, gentle passage into Les Sables d’Olonne, but he has another thing coming. The Bay of Biscay is living up to its reputation … [+]

Offshore sailor and a reporter too

Dominique is currently still lying seventh in the Vendée Globe and is on schedule to cross the Equator tomorrow. The Doldrums are his next challenge, one of the last major … [+]

A healthy spirit in a tired, but clean(ish) body!

There is some relief on board Mirabaud as Dominique was able to wear a t-shirt last night for the first time in a month! “It feels really good,” he confessed. … [+]

Dominique Wavre rounds Cape Horn for ninth time and sets a new record

Swiss sailor Dominique Wavre set a new record this morning onboard Mirabaud when he rounded Cape Horn at the southernmost tip of the American continent for the ninth time in … [+]

Fatigue is setting in

Dominique has been at sea since the 10 of November, a total of 54 days… Can you remember everything that you have done in the last two months? Seems a … [+]

A call from the Southern Ocean!

This morning, Mirabaud hosted a radio conference with Dominique Wavre for members of the Swiss media. The offshore specialist was his usual relaxed self and enthusiastically shared his adventure with … [+]

Short days and shorter nights!

The Vendee Globe fleet has been at sea for 37 days and is fast approaching the halfway point. Dominique, who is currently lying south west of Australia at 42 degrees, … [+]

Stuck in a high pressure one minute and riding a low the next

The Vendée Globe fleet has been at sea for 31 days and the sailors have been kept on their toes throughout, experiencing a little bit of everything in terms of … [+]

Dominique has slipped into overdrive!

Dominique has stepped up the pace over the last 48 hours to pass Jean Le Cam and catch up with Mike Golding, the leader of the chasing pack. The three … [+]

Riding the Southern Ocean!

Over the last few days the Vendee Globe entered a new phase as the fleet sailed into the Southern Ocean, one of the most remote and inhospitable places on the … [+]

The race is on for the Aiguilles gate

The Vendée Globe fleet has bunched up in the last 72 hours as the three boats (including Mirabaud) in the chasing pack catch up with the leaders. Eight boats are … [+]

Southern Ocean here we come

Dominique Wavre and his fellow competitors are currently picking their way around the western edge of the St. Helena High and over the next few hours will face the recurring … [+]

Spring has sprung for Dominique Wavre

Yesterday Dominique crossed the Equator and passed from autumn into spring. In the southern hemisphere the temperature is rising and the days are getting longer. “It is very nice indeed,” … [+]