A call from the Southern Ocean!

This morning, Mirabaud hosted a radio conference with Dominique Wavre for members of the Swiss media. The offshore specialist was his usual relaxed self and enthusiastically shared his adventure with everyone, describing his daily routine, his Southern Ocean experience, how he manages his sleep pattern, and much more…

Here are some excerpts from what he said on a few different topics:

About the nickname “Les tontons flingeurs” (a French-language film from the 1960s, also known as Crooks in Clover or Monsieur Gangster in English) that has been attributed to the group of sailors:
“This made me laugh, I think the nickname is very funny. I love this film and the reference made me smile. I’m not sure I’m much like “Blier” though!”

His most memorable moment so far: Three days ago I came off a big wave at speed and buried the bow two metres under water, the whole boat was submerged for a moment and it was like slamming on the brakes, it was brutal. Everything that wasn’t secured down below went flying and the pulpit at the front of the boat is completely crushed!

Objectives: I am on the look out for any opportunity that presents itself. For sure the leaders are a long way off and they are racing in a completely different weather system. They could slow right down, but it is unlikely. The competition in my group is intense and will remain so until the end. We are having an extraordinary race.

François Gabart and Armel Le Cleac’h: They are having an amazing race; their tactical decisions, strategy and technique are very impressive indeed. And the fact that they are still so close to one another after all these miles is extraordinary. There is a risk of course that their proximity pushes them to take a risk and make mistakes.

Amount of food: I have provisioned for 83 days, the portions are perfect, but I regularly keep some aside as it may come in handy towards the end as the high pressure zones have slowed us down quite a bit.

His age: It’s true that Mike Golding, Jean Le Cam and I are the oldest and most experienced in the fleet. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am in good shape so far and haven’t at any point felt that my age is hampering my progress. I don’t think age is a determining factor in this race.

Christmas: Christmas Day will stand out from all the other days at sea, I am sure that there are some presents hidden away in one of my bags, there might also be some tinsel squirreled away knowing my family! It can be quite an emotional day, on the one hand it is lovely to receive presents and to think of your loved ones, but on the other being so far away and unable to share the day in person is tough.

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