A healthy spirit in a tired, but clean(ish) body!

There is some relief on board Mirabaud as Dominique was able to wear a t-shirt last night for the first time in a month! “It feels really good,” he confessed. “After the cold and wet Southern Ocean, it is good to be back in more temperate climes.

“The clothes I was wearing in the south are still in a bundle down below; it hasn’t been possible to dry them yet, as the atmosphere has been quite damp up until now. It shouldn’t be long though before I’ll be able to hang them up.

“I can’t wait to have a deck shower, but it’s still a bit cold, I’ll wait for the temperature to go up a bit more. That said I’ve stayed fairly clean, even during the Southern Ocean leg, as I’ve been using wet wipes and have shaved regularly. I’ve tried to stay moderately presentable throughout the race!

“When you spend too much time in foul weather gear and boots there is always a risk of getting skin irritations and infections, but I seem to have avoided that thankfully.”

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